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Short Term. Term loans for 3, 5, and 7 years

Truck and Equipment Financing

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Sonoran Consulting & Finance is a business resource provider. We started our Sonoran companies in 1982. Since then we have been in businesses that has led us to where we are today.

Sonoran Consulting & Finance LLC provides businesses with Loans (some are unsecured) for start ups, general operations, inventory, growth, acquisitions, as well as accounting and payroll services.

We help find Real Estate Investment Loans and Mortage financing and re-financing for investors.

Our Tax Services are for businesses and individuals.

We would like to offer you a no cost 30 minute consultation regarding a business loan or your taxes or your personal tax situation (a $100 value). Please feel free to contact us at one of  our business phone numbers or using our email address below.

In this busy world, when so much is done by the internet, why not use a company that can provide your financial services using the internet and phone.  Unlike brick and mortar stores, we will work with you using the internet to give you the personal service you deserve, but with the time saving advantage the internet offers.   

Mailing address:

Sonoran Consulting & Finance LLC

PO Box 30301

Mesa, AZ 85275


Mesa Office (480) 692-7923

Pima & Pinal use (520) 495-0941

Bob's Cell (520) 448-8586

Fax (480) 452-1568


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